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Rasmus Færch, Færchfonden

The history behind Færchfonden

The history behind Færchfonden Kirsten Færch
Færchfonden was formed by Kirsten and Jørgen Færch in 1984. The start-up capital of DKK 750,000 came from the sale of some land near Feldinghus in the southern part of Holstebro. The original object of the fund was the acquisition of shares in Færch Handels- og Industriaktieselskab in the event that members of the ever-growing Færch family should wish to sell theirs. Stener Færch did not wish to invest any capital in Færchfonden, but Jørgen Færch still thought that his side of the family should be offered a place on the board of directors. Stener Færch held this directorship until his death.
In 1974, Jørgen and Stener Færch bought a large area of land situated on the road Rasmus Færchsvej in the eastern part of Holstebro. Færchfonden took over the role as building owner of Færch Plast untill the company later acquired the site and the buildings from the fund. In 2014 Færch Plast was acquired by EQT.
Færchfonden owns Kaas manor house, which has been in the family since 1954. The group uses the manor house for entertainment purposes, seminars and conferences. Færchfonden employs a manager, who is in charge of the farm. Its 440 hectares do, however, consist mainly of uncultivated heath, forest, lake and meadow areas. Furthermore Færchfonden owns two properties in Copenhagen.
In recent years, Færchfonden’s considerable capital, which derives from the equity in Færch Holding and thus the sale of the tobacco and plastics shares, has primarily been used for investments in industrial enterprises and cultural activities.

Jørgen Færch
The fund has, among other things, acquired a considerable shareholding in the Struer-based company Bang & Olufsen, and invested capital in Nupark Innovation, an enterprise which promotes new companies and creates jobs in the West Jutland area. In the cultural area, Færchfonden has been involved in non-profit initiatives like the expansion and modernisation of Holstebro Art Museum, the big screen at Boxén in Holstebro city centre and the expansion of Holstebro Music School to include a new orchestra hall. Færchfonden also has a tradition of backing live music events. Finally, Færchfonden has backed TV Midt/Vest’s historical venture Fra fæstebønder til verdensmænd (From Copyholders to Men of the World), which is based on Esben Graugaard’s thesis Nordvestjyske bønder som kreaturhandlere i Nordsørummet (Northwest Jutland Farmers as Cattle Dealers in the North Sea Area) as well as several historical and biographical publications.
Færchfonden supports humanitarian organisations such as Virksomheder mod Kræft (Companies against Cancer) and the Danish Red Cross.
Færchfonden's manager is Martin Vang Hansen. The chair of the board of directors is Annemette Færch, while the vice-chair is Christian Pedersen, manager of Birn Fonden and former managing director of A/S Vald. Birns Jernstøberi & Maskinfabrik. The other members of the board of directors are Lone Færch, Niels Færch, Rasmus Færch, Randi Toftlund Pedersen, Anne Færch Jørgensen and Michelle Nevett.