We want to make a difference for the family and for West Jutland
Rasmus Færch, Færchfonden

Holstebro Museum

 The museum is gaining a new heart


Holstebro Museum is stepping into the future thanks to grants totalling DKK 37.5 million from Færchfonden and the Birn Foundation.


Holstebro Museum is to be transformed from being an experience for the eyes to being an experience for the whole body. This will take place in the form of a striking renovation and new construction costing over DKK 37.5 million, 25.4 million of which was granted by Færchfonden and 12 million by the Birn Foundation. The comprehensive modernisation will create the framework for a totally new experience of both the local history and not least current topics. The grants will be used for construction, and the museum will now seek funding for the new exhibitions.



Michael Metz Mørch, chairman of the museum's supervisory board, says: “We’re grateful to Færchfonden and the Birn Foundation. They’re giving us a fantastic opportunity to create an entirely new and modern culture centre in the old Færch villa, which will strengthen the local community and the way in which people will involve themselves with local history and its modern development. It will be a pleasant, modern and absorbing place with interesting experiences for everybody. We’ll present the museum in a manner which differs from what all the others can do. We can do this because Færchfonden and the Birn Foundation think and act strategically.”


Holstebro Museum’s many years of work assessing developments in local museums in other places in both Denmark and Europe have led to the wish to create a museum in Holstebro which both relates the long local history and comes to grips with current and factual topics in cooperation with the local population. In the museum’s DNA, the Holstebro area has always related to the world, found inspiration in the world at large, and given inspiration to it.


Annemette Færch, chair of Færchfonden’s supervisory board, also notes that there is a wish to use the donations to create the framework for positive signals.

“This is our great grandfather’s villa, and we want to create an attractive unity between the museum of art and the cultural history museum with respect for the museum’s extensions designed by the architect Hanne Kjærholm. The architect Niels Christian Andersen, who has worked previously in close collaboration with her, is therefore participating in the project. Holstebro Museum holds both our own and Birn’s history, and we now want to improve the framework of both of these and the city’s history. We can create the outer framework, while the museum’s visionaries set the inner framework”.


The Birn Foundation’s chair of the supervisory board, Chr. Pedersen, sees the grant as a natural extension of the financial support provided by the Foundation in connection with its hundredth anniversary to fit out the museum’s Birn wing. “The Birn Foundation’s founder, Vald. R. Birn, valued the museum very highly, and it is thus entirely true to his spirit to help the museum to meet future requirements”, says Chr. Pedersen.